What is the best treatment for vocal disorders of aging (presbyphonia)?

As the American population is aging, the incidence of vocal disorders has been estimated between 12 and 35%. A recent medical series of patients older than 65 years of age reveals that vocal complaints are commonly due to vocal cord bowing, where the observed findings by the ENT doctor includes vocal fold atrophy, with an increased space or gap between the vocal folds as they close. Other specific mucous membrane findings have also been observed. With the physical property changes in vocal fold anatomy as well function, the classic bowing of the vocal folds is noted with a classic change in the quality of our voices as we age.
Speech therapy and voice therapy remain the hallmark of initial treatment for those patients who are concerned. There are newer surgical options for the occasional patient who does require a more improved quality-of-life . This includes injection of the vocal folds and surgical procedures to medialize the vocal folds
There is a recent article in the journal Laryngoscope of 2014 highlighting the algorithm for care of the aging voice.

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